SF And SFMW Song Book

Sunfly SF Hits Series and Most Wanted song book downloads - DJ & KJ track list

Indeed, this is the Sunfly SF And SFMW Song Book

sunfly hits and most wanted december 2019 to sf400

** In short, the Sunfly karaoke song book above contains only those discs in the SF and the SFMW series. In other words, the Sunfly Hits series and the Sunfly Most Wanted series. In general, most people prefer this version to the one with all the series’ included. However, if you need the karaoke song book with these, together with most other Sunfly discs, click here.

SF And SFMW Song Book

Indeed, most DJs and KJs who use Sunfly karaoke discs, mainly use the Hits series and the Most Wanted collection. Of course, one of the reasons is to avoid too many duplicated karaoke tracks. With this in mind, we have put together this karaoke song book which includes these two series. Because of this, the book is smaller and the user is able to find the track quicker.

Sunfly are still making quality karaoke tracks as they have done for decades. While other karaoke manufacturers have come and gone, Sunfly are still going strong. Of course, having been around for so long, they know the business inside out. Generally speaking, you can’t go too far wrong by collecting their products. So, pop over to their website today or visit your usual karaoke disc shop and start your collection.

The Sunfly Series Song Book

Sunfly made so many karaoke discs and they came out in various series. For example there are those we list here and then there are the Gold Series and the Platinum Series as well as the Karaoke Kool Series etc. Obviously if you are working with other discs from Sunfly, you may wish to have the full Sunfly Karaoke Song Book. It will also come in handy should you be building up your karaoke collection from scratch. So, just click the link above to check that song book out.

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