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Indeed, this is the Sing King Karaoke reviews page

Sing King Karaoke Series (SKK)

Firstly, there seems to be quite a few karaoke discs that have ‘Made In Canada’ printed on them. Indeed, these do too. In brief, according to our information, there is only eleven discs in existence from the Sing King Karaoke producers.

Furthermore, the forum member who passed on the list of karaoke id’s, says they are from the mid noughties. Obviously, that’s around the year 2005.

Sing King Karaoke SKK007 - Label - KJ & DJ song books

There was far too much Sing King information brought up after a quick search. However, this had very little connection to the actual producers of the Sing King Karaoke discs. We also found no evidence of them on ebay. By and large, these karaoke discs will need a review from someone for us all to go on. For example, who was behind these Sing King Karaoke discs? Also, what are the graphics like? Indeed, what is the quality of the audio? Without information like this, the casual karaoke disc fan may indeed overlook them. In essence, an independent reviewer has greater say here. That is because our team tend to stay unbiased at all times.

To clarify, here are the disc id numbers for the series.

Sing King Karaoke SKK008 - Front - DJ & KJ song books
Sing King Karaoke SKK009 - Front - song lists
Sing King Karaoke SKK011 - Front CDG
Sing King Karaoke. Elvis Presley is the king. Duscuss with us at the Karaoke forums and blogs.

Indeed, Elvis does not feature on Sing King Karaoke

To Sum Up

Although the banner image above shows Elvis Presley, he has no tracks on any of the discs. However, Bob Dylan has many tracks. The Guess Who features on them also. Although we know of only eleven discs in circulation, there will be some KJ somewhere using them. If so, let us know. One thing is for sure, with only eleven karaoke discs to their name, they look a rare collection. With this in mind, if you grab them when they become available, you may have a gem of a collection.

Sing King Karaoke - microphone on stage
Also, we are looking to get the views of other karaoke collectors about the quality of the music. Also, report about the on-screen graphics too. Obviously, by writing a small review of the Sing King Karaoke discs, you are helping future karaoke collectors. Indeed, a little about the producers would come in handy as well.

Sing King Song Book Also

Karaoke disc collectors will also need to know what tracks appear on these discs. In fact, by clicking the link below, the song list is available. Moreover, it is in the form of a convenient PDF file for flexibility.

Obviously, it is available to download. So, should you buy some on account of the information here at the Karaoke Shack, let us know. Indeed, tell us what they are like.

Sing King Karaoke - crown

View The Song Book

Finally, enjoy your stay here at the Shack. Also, sign up to the Karaoke Forum and have a good chat.

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3 Responses to Sing King Karaoke

  1. jomarch says:

    Here is the link to their site:

    [Edit – site not available now]

    That will bring you to their latest releases

    On the top menue, you click on the artist pics to see the details of their karaoke disks

  2. jomarch says:

    Actually, they used to have their own site but since the business is off, the url will forward you to karaokecloset

  3. Jacky says:

    Is the list shown above up-to-date then?
    I see there are 11 Sing King karaoke discs listed but as yet I can’t seem to get the site that jomarch has provided.

    Another question …. is Sing King still making karaoke tracks?

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