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Karaoke hardware, karaoke software, karaoke equipment on sale, karaoke forums, karaoke blogs, here we list the Single Artist Karaoke Discs

Indeed, here we list the Single Artist Karaoke discs and tracks

Single Artist Karaoke Series

Firstly, just a quick note about these Single Artist Karaoke discs. In general, on most places we looked, they are on sale as part of Karaoke Kurrents. In fact, they fall within the umbrella of the A-Major Music group.

However, we will leave the Single Artist Karaoke discs on their own page. This is because they do seem to want their own identity. In effect there are country music, pop music and gospel plus more on these discs.

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To clarify, we understand three karaoke discs exist. So, here are the disc ID numbers for those:


Obviously, the discs below show the discs from Carrie Underwood, Sugarland and Michael Buble.

Single Artist Karaoke SAK001 - Label - CDG
Single Artist Karaoke SAK002 - CD - KJ song books

Single Artist Karaoke SAK003 CD+G

** No information, so assume they don’t exist.

To Sum Up

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By and large, should you have these discs, we would like a review about their quality. In other words what is the music and on-screen lyrics like? We found the four discs advertised on the internet and prices were also reasonable. In fact, the used ones being a real bargain. You will also be helping others should you give us your thoughts on these SAK discs.  This is because a good review will make people look for them an buy them. Also, would you recommend them?

In case anyone has these discs, we would be grateful of a review. What do they sound like in general? Also, are there any problems with the graphics? On the whole, with only three discs in existence, these will go down well with the avid karaoke disc collector.

Single Artist Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, we have put the disc numbers here and this will remain the Single Artist Karaoke reviews page. However, we need to see what is on the karaoke discs before we buy them. Hence, we have the SAK song list on the next page.

In essence, click the blue link below for the PDF. Obviously, if you buy some of these Single Artist Karaoke discs, let us know.

Single Artist Karaoke SAK001 - Front - KJ song lists

View The Song Book

Finally, bookmark us for future reference.

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