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In brief, this is the Karaoke Shack site info. Of course, you can access these pages using the tabs above too.

How to post here at the Karaoke Shack

About us – indeed all about the Karaoke Shack.
Cookie Policy – in detail.
Contact Us – please allow a little time for a reply.
FAQ – frequently asked karaoke questions.
Karaoke Directory – list of karaoke makers.
Karaoke Burners – how to burn a CD+G disc, also a list of suitable burners.
How The Downloads Work – how to grab the karaoke song books
Privacy Policy – our promise to you in detail.
Karaoke Forum – for all

Site Info

As previously noted, you can access all the information pages using the links above. Also, the tabs above take you to the same place. Although the Karaoke Shack has much information, there may be something that we missed out. Indeed, tell us if we have. Obviously, if you need any other information about the Karaoke Shack, get in touch with us.

Finally, if for whatever reason you can’t contact us the normal way, join the karaoke forum. This is because you can get in touch that way. In effect, there are many ways to contact us.

Site info: Information about the Karaoke Shack

Information on the Karaoke Shack also

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