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Karaoke Shack – About Us

Firstly, the Karaoke Shack was a coming together of a few websites to form a much bigger one. Secondly, this page is all about us, why we exist and who we are. In other words, it is all about us!

Obviously, we discuss all things associated with karaoke. We also have a blog, a karaoke forum and a classified section as well as other things going on. You need to register on each one as they are all separate sites, but still within the Karaoke Shack group. Any karaoke business can also advertise their business here free of charge. You can also advertise your venue. The Karaoke Shack does not sell anything apart from karaoke song books. But there are many ways that individuals can sell things. If you do sell, then make sure you meet face to face to complete the sale. Alternatively, you could also arrange the sale through ebay for peace of mind.

On the whole, the owners and top staff at the Karaoke Shack have retired from the karaoke scene. That is to say, none of us do shows any more as none of us are presently KJ’s or DJ’s. However, most still have their gear and have garages full to the brim with collections of discs. However, there are many members and fringe staff that still are karaoke jockeys. So, we have a vast amount of experience. We have also made the Karaoke Shack a much bigger and better site. Indeed, we will continue to share karaoke information because of our love for the karaoke industry. Even though most of us are no longer working as KJ’s now, we do keep ourselves busy. Obviously, we still help other people ease into the karaoke world. Hence, The Karaoke Shack.

The Legal Side Of Things

We are basically an information site only and will list the karaoke discs both old and new. Karaoke equipment is obviously under discussion too. Also, we will also help members with all karaoke problems where possible. It is our intentions to help people who have an interest in karaoke to take this interest further. For example, this could be from starting their own business to just plain old singing at the local karaoke venue.

As long as the subjects are legal, we will discuss them. However, we will not tolerate links to illegal websites. People should also be aware that there are indeed fake discs and equipment floating around. Obviously, we will try and highlight the problems associated with them. We can’t stop the counterfeiters, but we can avoid them once we have the information. Would all members please be aware of our stance too. Indeed, please inform us here or via the Karaoke Forum of anything that may appear suspicious.

You can also link your website with us here at the Shack. However, we do not allow links to inappropriate websites. Moreover, they must be 100% legal and have karaoke or music content. Thus, if your site is acceptable, we may allow you a link here. So, should you wish to link your website here at the Karaoke Shack, you need to link us back. Please use the contact tab above and let us have your logo, link URL and a small description also. We will then send our link back logo to you. Of course, we check all back links regularly. Indeed, should we find no link back then there will be no further opportunity to link in future.

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All in all, the staff at the Karaoke Shack hope you enjoy our stay here. In fact, we are open to all suggestions to make the place appealing to more people. So, that just about sums up the About Us page. Therefore, its now up to you to help others by supporting the Karaoke Shack in whatever way your can.

All about us - the Karaoke Shack - disc collections - song books and Karaoke Forums

All about us – the Karaoke Shack.

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