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Question Bank 6

Q) Would it be possible to record my own singing with the karaoke discs I buy?
A) Yes but the process is sometimes a little difficult. In fact, why not open a thread in the Karaoke Forum and discuss.

Q) Where can I find out more about karaoke?
A) The Karaoke Shack is the amalgamation of our old karaoke forum and karaoke blog of course. In effect, we closed them down to make one bigger website and forum. Obviously, we started again from scratch and intend to cover all the topics as before. All in all, we are certain you will find all you need to know about karaoke here. If its not already on our site then you can ask in the Karaoke Forum. Obviously, you can discuss and chat away until you are happy that you have all the answers.

Q) What are Multiplex (MPX) karaoke discs?
A) Multiplex karaoke discs are those which have the with-vocals on one channel and also the karaoke music on the other. However, most karaoke players will have a button to mute the vocals. So, you can learn the song with the vocals turned on and you can switch them off at will.

Finally, contact us if you would like one of your questions answered in our FAQ section.

End of the Karaoke Shack’s FAQ

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