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Privacy Policy at the Karaoke Shack - we never share you information

Indeed, the Karaoke Shack has a Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the Karaoke Shack

The Karaoke Shack, like most websites, also uses cookies and should have a Privacy Policy. When you comes to our website for the first time, we will always ask permission to use cookies. Cookies will also make viewing our website a better experience too. A cookie is a small piece of information that a visitor receives on their PC when they accept the cookie. The visitor’s PC will also store the cookie. Consequently, each time the user visits the site it helps identify the user’s previous visit. All in all, don’t worry, the cookie only identifies the PC and does not gather any personal information.

We are a user friendly site, but should you not want to accept the cookies, then you can refuse them. Indeed, you can set your browsers to refuse cookies from this site or any other site. However, by doing this, you should understand that not all the website’s functions may work as well as they should. Basically the cookies are a means of your PC or device interacting with the website.

By visiting our website we may collect non-personally-identifying information such as what browser you use. Also, it is important to discover the language used. Also, maybe even the time and day you visited us. This indeed, only adds to the pleasure of your visit. For example, if you use Firefox as your browser, then the site can try and adjust to the best settings.

We do not share your information

We also may ask other questions about you when you become a member. The database will store some information you give, such as your name and email etc. In fact, we will never, at any time, knowingly share this information with anyone else.

We may, from time to time, send out a mass email to you with important information etc. So, it is would be wise to keep your email address up-to-date. Since we have the forum and blogs to inform people, we will therefore keep the emails to a minimum.

The only people who will be able to access this information would be the law people of course. Obviously, they would have to get a warrant to do so. Since most people are law abiding then, we don’t expect anyone to put themselves in a position for this scenario. Indeed, it would be a rare event anyway.
Privacy policy - privacy matters - karaoke shack never shares your information
In effect, we are merely pointing it out to you to help you understand how things work.

Privacy is important to all of us

Your privacy is the most important thing and we will always respect this obviously. Thus, you can see by our clear open policy above that we take it seriously.

We also ask you to check for changes to the policies and conditions of the website from time to time. In effect, your continued use of this website after any changes will count as your acceptance to such changes. We do not expect many changes and any we do make should indeed be minor.

Finally, please enjoy your visit and please keep coming back. Also, we would like you to contribute to the Karaoke Forum. Please join us and post regular, after all, it’s our community so use it.

Privacy policy - we promise to keep your privacy private

Karaoke Shack – privacy matters!

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