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Indeed, this is the Karaoke Song Books Info page

Song Books Info

To begin with, this is our Karaoke Song Books Information Page. Obviously we will give a little information for a better understanding. In fact, you will find karaoke song books on every karaoke label that we list here. In effect, look for the blue buttons at the bottom of each karaoke manufacturer’s page. For example, the blue link below this paragraph takes you to the Zoom Karaoke Song Book.

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What Are Karaoke Song Books?

Indeed, this is a question we have to answer regularly. In brief, karaoke song books are basically a list of karaoke songs. So, let us say you own the full collection of Sunfly Hits Series and Sunfly Most Wanted. Also, say you have many of the ZOOM Karaoke discs and some Sing To The World discs. Obviously you need to know what tracks are on the them. In this case, you need a list (or song book) of all the karaoke tracks you have. Thus, you need some karaoke song books. With this in mind, the Karaoke Shack has made things easy and allows you to obtain them here.

In order to keep things simple, you may download what you need for a very small donation to our website. There is indeed a sliding scale to make things even simpler. The donation prices are in British pounds, so use an online converter to find out the equivalent in your currency. The donation price is low because we exist to help karaoke collectors to keep costs down.

1-2 page long karaoke song book – £0.25 donation.
3-10 page long karaoke song book – £0.49 donation.
11-50 page long karaoke song book – £0.99 donation.
51-100 page karaoke song book – £1.49 donation.
101 + page karaoke song book – £1.99 donation.

Although, the above donations are roughly correct, there may be individual variations.

As well as the disc identities on the individual karaoke manufacturers page, we have a link to the song book.

Also, should you wish to see how the system works, try downloading a free karaoke song book. Indeed, the book is of the Boombox Karaoke series. All you need to do is click the button then go to your basket. Obviously, you may use this free download to practice downloading.

What Quality Are The Karaoke Song Books?

Indeed, all of our karaoke song books are now high quality type. In other words, you can print them in high quality.

Personalised Karaoke Song Books

Indeed, we do offer personalised karaoke song books to match your needs. All customised karaoke track listings are of premium print quality too. Also, you may tell us what discs you need in your song books. Moreover, your song lists can be up to 2,500 pages. Indeed, each one will have your own name at the top, including your logo if necessary. We can also personalise it, making the book totally unique to you. However, you must become a Platinum Member in order for us to personalise karaoke song books. This is because it is time consuming and the donations help keep us online.

Personalise Your Karaoke Song Books - DJ & KJ track lists

Indeed, you can now Personalise Your Karaoke Song Books

How Do I Become A Platinum Member?

In essence, this is quite simple really, if you want to become a Platinum Member, donate and subscribe! To become a Platinum Member at the Karaoke Shack, you will need to donate £24.99. This, of course, is a one off donation which will last a whole year. Obviously, in this time, you can decide which song lists you want personalised. Indeed, once the year is up, you can maintain your Platinum Membership for £7.50.

So, The key Benefits Of A Platinum Member Are:

  1. Unlimited access to all PDF’s – in fact, you get a link to them all for downloading.
  2. Personalised karaoke song lists – your name and possibly your logo in premium print quality. As previously noted, this will be up to 2,500 pages.
  3. Platinum Membership – this donation type membership indeed helps keep this site maintained. Obviously, in turn, helps the next generation of karaoke fans come through the ranks..
  4. Maintain your Platinum Membership status after one year and get around 60% reduction in the donation fee. Indeed, this is automatic. Obviously, you get the benefits of number 2 above once per year.
  5. Any security features on our karaoke books can be adjusted for this type of membership (please request this).
  6. VIP Member status on the Karaoke Forum, complete with a special badge.
  7. Any future features at the Karaoke Shack free of charge.

To Sum Up

The Karaoke Shack exists because a few dedicated retired KJ’s wanted to help others in the karaoke world. As previously noted, we operate on a shoestring. However, we have been around for years and will be for many years to come. Indeed, we survive on adverts and small donations. So, this Karaoke Song Books Download section is no different. However, some downloads are free but some are only available via donations to the site.

Obviously, your donations towards the Karaoke Song Book downloads go to maintaining our websites. In effect though, you get what you need from this arrangement too. Of course, you are still able to donate towards the Karaoke Shack in whatever amount you like. But, the Platinum Membership has a specific amount attached to it.

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