Sony-BMG Karaoke Song Book

SONY-BMG Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ song books and track lists

Indeed, this is the Sony-BMG Karaoke Song Book


Sony-BMG Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, Sony is a massive name in the world of electronics. However, they didn’t make too many karaoke discs. In fact, we only know of 10 discs. Obviously, all discs are in the list on the previous page. However all tracks are in the song list above.

Indeed, take a look at the Sony-BMG Karaoke Song Book and see if there are any discs you like. Of course, if you do decide to collect the Sony karaoke discs, let us all know. Moreover, tell us about the quality of them. In fact, you can do that on the dedicated Sony Karaoke page or on the Karaoke Forum. Obviously, there is not that many karaoke discs in this collection. But, what are they like. In essence, future karaoke disc collectors would welcome all comments.

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