Sony-BMG Karaoke

Sony-BMG Karaoke - disc id and track numbers

Indeed, we list the Sony-BMG Karaoke discs and song tracks

Sony-BMG Karaoke Discs

Firstly, here we have a small selection of karaoke discs from the Sony-BMG karaoke label. In fact, there are 10 discs in total, as shown below. Sony is a big name in electronics, but what are the karaoke discs like?
Sony-BMG Karaoke Logo - Banner
Although Sony is still one of the biggest firms in the world, there is only a handful of karaoke discs under this name. By and large, we were unsure whether to list these under Sony itself. However, we are using what is on the actual discs – Sony-BMG Karaoke.

To clarify, the following list of discs is what we know to exist. Obviously, if you know of others, let us know.

Sony-BMG Karaoke BMG6242 - Front - DJ & KJ song books and lists
Sony-BMG Karaoke BMG6252 - Front - CDG
Sony-BMG Karaoke BMG6282 - Front - CD+G

To Sum Up

All in all, there is no other information about this Sony-BMG Karaoke disc mixture, so perhaps you could help. For example, if you have the discs and would recommend them, let us know. Indeed, tell us about the quality of the music and on-screen lyrics. Help future karaoke collectors by writing a review, however small. Sony, of course, is a massive name in electronics and their products have a good reliability record. However, that means nothing with this set of karaoke discs unless we get a few comments on this collection.
Sony-BMG Karaoke BMG6242 - Label - song book downloads

Obviously, we had a quick look around the internet and found a few used bargains on ebay.  Moreover, they were selling for a reasonable price. Indeed, you will be very lucky to find new, cellophane wrapped deals. But, the second-hand ones will do if they are in good condition. All in all, Sony has made a name for itself in electronics, have they made a name in karaoke?

The Sony Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, we have the Sony karaoke song list available right now. Obviously, if you like what you see, why not buy them and let us all know what they are like? So, click the link below and check the Sony track listings out.

View The Song Book

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