Sound Images Karaoke Song Book

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Indeed, this is the Sound Images Karaoke Song Book


Sound Images Karaoke Song Book

As previously noted, these discs are Backstage clones. By all means, check out the Sound Images Karaoke Song Book and see if you like the songs. Moreover, there are karaoke versions by Cat Stevens, Chicago, Foreigner and Van Morrison etc. Indeed, they may be dupes, but some people who don’t have the Backstage version might want these discs. Obviously, if you do buy these karaoke discs, come back to the Sound Images review page and tell us.

Obviously, the Sound Images Karaoke series has its own identity. With this in mind, collecting them becomes a priority for some people. However, with the tracks being duplicates in every way apart from the labels, have a think before you buy them. The Karaoke Shack indeed remains impartial. However, we know what it is like to have piles of karaoke disc duplicates. For example, it is costly and space is at a premium!

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