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Indeed, this is the Sound Images Karaoke reviews page

Sound Images Karaoke

To begin with, the 7 Sound Images Karaoke discs here are similar to discs in the Backstage Karaoke Series. In brief, after going through our lists of karaoke labels, it is clear that there are many series’ like this. With this in mind, we could throw that open to debate in our karaoke forum, perhaps. Also, we saw no information after a quick internet search on the internet for this series. So, other details about the Sound Images Karaoke series is welcome.
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To clarify, we have list of the Sound Images Karaoke disc ID’s that an old member had. Indeed, this is how he had them printed in his song book. However, we added the Backstage AKA information to the list. Obviously, use the first disc ID (SI-xxx) for the Sound Images Karaoke discs:

SI-101 AKA BS7817
SI-102 AKA BS7617
SI-103 AKA BS7917
SI-104 AKA BS7417
SI-105 AKA BS7317
SI-107 AKA BS6917
SI-108 AKA BS7517
Sound Images Karaoke SI101 - Label - DJ & KJ song books and lists downloads
Sound Images Karaoke SI105 - Label - DJ & KJ song lists
Sound Images Karaoke SI107 - Label CDG

** No information available, given that this disc id is missing from the list, we can’t say if it existed?

To Sum Up

Sound Images Karaoke - concorde breaking the sound barrier
All in all, why would anyone want this series if they are all Backstage duplicates? Obviously, an avid karaoke collector will want these. Indeed, this is understandable since the label has its own identity. In reality through, the casual collector has their own priorities.

All in all, given the information that we have is scant. Therefore, we welcome your thoughts and opinions about the Sound Images Karaoke series. We would also welcome a small review as ever – this will help future karaoke collectors. Of course, the Shack team can’t comment as we remain unbiased. Our advice though, from the Karaoke Shack, would be to buy the Backstage Karaoke Series. Obviously, this opinion will change if our members inform us that these are better in some way?

The internet is also possibly the only way you could find these discs. Of course, you may know someone who has them and is feeling generous. Good luck, but if you do find them, please consider making a comment here.
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Sound Images Karaoke Song Book Also

On the whole, we have outlined the fact that these Sound Images are clones from another karaoke series. Obviously, some people may find them useful. However, unless you know what is on them you will be reluctant to buy. So, here is the song list for the Sound Images Karaoke that we know to exist. Indeed, if you do buy any, get back to the Karaoke Shack and tell the world.
Sound Images Karaoke SI108 - Label CD+G
In short, click the link below to access the Sound Images Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, call back often and help other karaoke disc collectors wherever possible.

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