Stage Stars Karaoke Song Book

Stage Stars Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ song books and lists

Indeed, this is the Stage Stars Karaoke Song Book


Stage Stars Karaoke Song Book

As previously noted, the Pocket Songs Karaoke Label come from the massive Pocket Songs stable. Obviously, as we see from the Stage Stars Karaoke Song Book, the discs feature songs from the Broadway shows. Of course this is a niche market which Stage Stars captures beautifully. However, the Karaoke Shack remains impartial and leaves all reviews to the members. So, if you have these discs, make a write up on the Stage Stars reviews page.

Obviously, the Karaoke Shack promote the buying of karaoke discs. This label is of course no exception. While we appreciate the label specialises in a niche market, they will appeal to some people. Indeed, the Stage Stars Karaoke people still have a website where you can buy the discs. With this in mind, should you buy any of these Broadway style karaoke discs, let us know.

Indeed, we all would benefit greatly through your opinions on this series. Therefore, register with us today and add a comment or two. Finally, join the Karaoke Forum by clicking the tab above and have a natter about anything at all.

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