Standing Ovation Karaoke

Standing Ovation Karaoke discs are listed here in detail for reference to all karaoke jockeys

Indeed, the Karaoke Shack lists the Standing Ovation Karaoke disc information

Standing Ovation Karaoke

We are not sure how many more clones we will encounter but here is another. In brief, the Standing Ovation Karaoke series is identical to some Backstage Karaoke discs. They have the same tracks on the discs but have different logos and labels. Even the splash screens are different, so we believe. With karaoke songs from The Doors to Eric Clapton and Roy Orbison to Rod Stewart, Standing Ovation indeed were selective.
Standing Ovation Karaoke SO200
Indeed, to the enthusiastic karaoke collector, this is fine. But not for those who do not need too many dupes in their collection. Obviously, this would only apply should people only try for a complete set of Backstage discs. A casual karaoke collector may not be that fussy so, check out the track listings below and all other information. If you like what you see, then go ahead and but them.

To clarify, here is a list of the Standing Ovation Karaoke disc ID numbers. Obviously they are as printed in a KJ member’s song book. We also list their equivalent Backstage disc id numbers. So, use the first set of numbers prefixed with “SO” for this Sound Ovation Karaoke series:

SO200 AKA BS7217
SO201 AKA BS7117
SO202 AKA BS7717
SO203 AKA BS5517
SO204 AKA BS6717
SO205 AKA BS7017
SO206 AKA BS7617
SO207 AKA BS5417
SO208 AKA BS6617
SO209 AKA BS5317
Standing Ovation Karaoke SO202
Standing Ovation Karaoke SO205
Standing Ovation Karaoke SO209

To Sum Up

All the staff at the Karaoke Shack agree that all karaoke producers should indeed have a pat on the back. However, if these discs are clones of the Backstage Karaoke discs, then we wouldn’t recommend them. This is because we prefer karaoke disc series in full. So, if you are paying good money for Backstage Karaoke discs, then what would be the point of this collection? But, then again, this is the Standing Ovation Karaoke review page. Since the Karaoke Shack remains unbiased, anyone who has experience with these discs are welcome to comment.

We have saw many of these advertised on Amazon and ebay but, as ever, spend your money wisely. Obviously if you don’t plan to buy all the Backstage or you find these cheap then go for them. Of course, the hardened karaoke disc collector will probably buy them anyway and store them. Indeed, we already know a few who do this just because there are slight differences.

The Karaoke Shack also welcomes anyone with their opinions and thoughts about karaoke discs. Indeed, we encourage this on these Standing Ovation discs. So please register and jot down a few points that you think we should know. Obviously, a review of the quality of the music and the on-screen lyrics will always help future karaoke disc collectors.

Standing Ovation Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, before you chase after these old karaoke discs you need to know what is on them. So, here we have the complete track listings for the Standing Ovation Series. Obviously, the Karaoke Shack promotes karaoke discs. Once you weigh up the pros and cons of these karaoke discs, you can decide whether to buy or not. Therefore, click the link to see the song list in full.

View The Song Book

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