Star Quest Karaoke Song Book

Star Quest Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KF track lists

Indeed, this is the Star Quest Karaoke Song Book


Star Quest Karaoke Song Book

Indeed, the Star Quest Karaoke Song Book gives all the tracks on this obscure karaoke maker. In fact, there are songs from ABBA, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Cher and a load from Frank Sinatra. Also, there are a load of songs from Shania Twain. But what exactly do these songs sound like? To begin with, the Karaoke Shack team only allows members to give opinions on the karaoke labels. So, if you have heard these tracks, let us know your thoughts on the dedicated Star Quest reviews page.

All in all, there are 8 Star Quest disc releases. Although they may be a small collection and no longer in production, they are still available online. Moreover, we saw a few sales selling the complete collection. Obviously, the keen collector will snap them up as a matter of course. However, are they good enough for the casual collector? Indeed, your opinions count!

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