Star Quest Karaoke

Star Quest Karaoke. A list of all the dics and numberd on the Karaoke Shack.

Indeed, this is the Star Quest Karaoke reviews page

Star Quest Karaoke

Yet another set of karaoke discs from the those karaoke golden years. All in all, there are just eight discs in this series that we know about. Even though the Star Quest Karaoke firm has long gone we still found the eight disc set available online. In brief, they were selling as a new purchase on Amazon for $29.99 US. Of course, this is around £18.50 for the UK (May 2017). They are also cheaper on ebay. But we only saw used discs. Obviously, this is not a problem if the discs are in good condition.
Star Quest Karaoke SQ0001 - Frank Sinatra

In brief, nobody here at the Karaoke Shack has heard of the Star Quest Karaoke series. However, we did have an Australian member on the old forums who provided us with the information. To clarify, here is the Star Quest Karaoke disc ID numbers in the way he uses them in song books:

Star Quest Karaoke SQ0005 - Billy Joel
Star Quest Karaoke SQ0003 - Disco tracks
Star Quest Karaoke SQ0006 - Josh Groban

To Sum Up

Members also gave a small amount of information about these Star Quest Karaoke discs. Indeed, we got all the song tracks when we received the above disc id numbers. Moreover, we will quote what is on the label, ‘within every song, there is an ambiance that captures the audience and transcends musically to the heart and soul, a feeling that cannot be explained by musical notes and lyrical rhyme. The mastery of this ambiance is our pride and passion’. Also ‘we make karaoke albums not karaoke discs’. Well, talk about blowing your own trumpet!
Star Quest Karaoke SQ0004 - Label - DJ & KJ song books

While these discs are still available, it would be good to get as much information about them as possible. Of course, it matters not that they are pretty old. So, anyone who has this Star Quest Karaoke disc set, please consider writing a small review about them. This obviously applies even if you only have the odd one. This is because everyone would prefer an independent review rather than a manufacturer’s one.

Finally, the musical content and on-screen graphics are very important to professional Karaoke Jockeys (KJ’s) and home users etc. Indeed, if you have any snippet of information please register and let us know. By doing this you are also helping future karaoke disc collectors.

Indeed, Post A Small Review

Star Quest Karaoke SQ0005 - Label - DJ & KJ song lists
Of course, you can comment on the Star Quest Karaoke discs here. In addition, we have a massive Karaoke Forum where anything goes too. Also, you may even cast a vote on these Star Quest Karaoke discs using our rating system. Obviously, if you comment, good or bad, you are helping others. This is because you can influence whether the future karaoke collector looks for them or not. On the whole, the Karaoke Shack always remains unbiased and we leave the reviews up to the members.

Star Quest Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, you need to see the track listings for the Star Quest Karaoke Label. So, here it is. Obviously as we can see clearly, there are songs by The Bee Gees and even Shania Twain. In other words, something for everyone. However, with only a few discs to their name, they will hardly be in use should you seek them out. Be that as it may, karaoke disc collectors love a bargain. With this in mind, if you do find them, consider coming back this way and tell us about them!
Star Quest Karaoke SQ0006 - Label CD+G

View The Song Book

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