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Indeed, this is the Starcaster Karaoke reviews page

Starcaster Karaoke (KDS)

To begin with, Starcaster Karaoke (KDS) has re-branded some Music Maestro karaoke discs. But, at least provided their own labels. However, the splash screen still says Music Maestro though. All in all, there is 8 discs in this series. Since, these are basically Music Maestro, we can’t see too much demand for these. Firstly, Music Maestro, bless them, have not got the best reputation in terms of the music. Secondly, if you buy the Music Maestro Series, these will become dupes.

To clarify, here is a list of the Starcaster Karaoke disc ID numbers. Obviously, they are in this list similar to the song books used by KJ’s. Just to point out that each track has both a non-vocal and a with-vocal track of the same song.

Starcaster Karaoke KDSGPP - Front - DJ & KJ song books and lists
Starcaster Karaoke STAR - Back - DJ & KJ song lists
Starcaster Karaoke STARUK - Front - CDG

Did Starcaster Karaoke ‘make’ any more discs other than those above?

To Sum Up

Music Maestro was a big producer of karaoke discs so the quality should really not be in question. Although, many KJ’s have said they would use MM discs after other preferences. In brief, if you have any of these discs, we would like a little input about them. For example, if they have the Music Maestro splash screen, they must be Music Maestro. In effect, why would anyone want them if this is the case, except for being a collectors item? Of course if there are any other differences, then tell us all! Obviously, these might appeal to the casual buyer who does not want a full collection of the Music Maestro series’.

Starcaster Karaoke Song Book Also

The Starcaster song list is indeed here for your convenience. Although these discs are basically dupes, they still have some decent songs. For example, they have tracks from ABBA to Cher and Dido to Oasis. The Karaoke Shack always remains neutral so we leave the reviews up to the members. So, register with us and discuss these Starcaster Karaoke discs.

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