Starmaker Karaoke

The Starmaker Karaoke series. Here they are listed in full. The hardware and software can be discussed on the blogs or forum

Indeed, the Starmaker Karaoke disc ID numbers are here for reference

Starmaker Karaoke

Firstly, here we have two small sets of discs to boast from the Starmaker Karaoke producers. However, we could find no information at all about these karaoke discs after a quick search. Because the name is generic, the results were not too encouraging. The reason is that the search engine throws up lots of ‘Star Maker’ stuff of course.  Therefore, we could not see one single discs available to buy.
Starmaker Karaoke - SM004 - Westlife

Many karaoke makers sprang up in the boom years, but quickly died out. In this case, Starmaker Karaoke was no different. There will obviously be someone who has some snippet of information about these discs or the firm that made them. For this reason, we would invite them to share that info.

To clarify what we know, here we will list the Starmaker Karaoke disc ID numbers. Obviously, these are commonly in use by Karaoke Jockey’s (KJ) in their song books:

Starmaker Karaoke - SMP001 - Party Hits
Starmaker Karaoke - SMP003 - Party Hits
Starmaker Karaoke - SMP005 - Party Hits

Starmaker Karaoke Party Hits (SMPH):


* No information, so assume not in existence.

To Sum Up

Starmaker Karaoke - SM007 - 2001
So, no information and no trace on the internet. Surely we have a member of the karaoke fraternity who has some scrap of info we could use?

Because they are a rare collection, we suspect that the hardcore karaoke collector will have much interest in them.

However, the busy KJ or home karaoke user will possibly let them pass unless they come along dirt cheap. You will almost certainly never find any of these new and in their cellophane wrapper because of their age. Obviously, if you have ever used these discs – tell the world here!

Finally, The Starmaker Song Book

Indeed, we also have the song book for the Starmaker Karaoke Series. In fact, click the link below to get access to the downloadable version.  Moreover, with songs from Eminem, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Kylie Minogue, the Starmaker Series has something for everyone. But how do they sound? Obviously, if you buy some on account of the information here at the Karaoke Shack, tell us all.
Starmaker SM004 - Label Westlife - DJ & KJ song books and lists

View The Song Book


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