Sing To The World Karaoke Song Book

Sing To The World Karaoke Song Book - STTW song book - DJ & KJ track lists

Indeed, this is the Sing To The World Karaoke Song Book download page


Sing To The World Karaoke Song Book

Obviously, if you like what you see on the Sing To The World Karaoke Song Book, buy some STTW discs. Indeed, the manufacturer still have a website where you can buy from. With this in mind, they would like your support. In short, they are still a big player in the karaoke world. Moreover, many KJ’s at karaoke gigs use these discs. So, they are still popular today.

As previously noted, the Sing To The World Karaoke discs are still available, new and second-hand. Be that as it may, some people swear by them, some don’t. However, this is all down to individual taste. Furthermore, the Shack remains unbiased at all times. With this in mind, we leave all reviews to the members. Indeed, this allows totally independent views and opinions on the karaoke labels.

So, after viewing the STTW song list, if you fancy buying a few, come back and do a review. In general, reviews can help other karaoke collectors make sound decisions. Furthermore, reviews are more welcome on the  STTW Karaoke review page. However, you may comment wherever you get the opportunity. This is because not all pages allow comments.


To sum up, we all love karaoke. Indeed, the STTW list above shows a myriad of artists and song titles. So, if you like them, buy them. But let us know. We obviously have this blog and the massive Karaoke Forum in which to share your opinions. On the whole, your thoughts on the STTW karaoke label is welcome. But above all, the karaoke community will appreciate it. Indeed, some budding karaoke collectors rely on us to help them build up their collections. So, your thoughts will also have an influence too!

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