Sunfly Karaoke Song Book

Sunfly Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ track list

Indeed, this is the Sunfly Karaoke Song Book

sunfly all file dec 2019 to sf400
Updated December 2019 (SF400)**

** The Sunfly song book above contains information about all the discs from every series. However, we now have one book specifically for the Sunfly Hits and Most Wanted. So if you only need that, click here.

Sunfly Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, we all know and love Sunfly Karaoke. In fact, how sad would the world be without Sunfly’s existence. Although, the Karaoke Shack team have a policy of being unbiased, the odd comment wont hurt. Indeed, one can’t help commenting on the longevity and quality of Sunfly. Furthermore, we only allow members to review karaoke manufacturers. However, the Karaoke Shack will always recommend that people buy their karaoke discs and track direct from the makers. In this case, head over to Sunfly and bag some bargains!

Just to point out that if you were to buy all Sunfly’s catalogue, you would have far too many duplicates. However, by using our handy PDF files you can safely avoid buying too many dupes. The best bet of course, is to buy the full set of Sunfly Most Wanted and The Hits Series. Then search their catalogue for other discs you may need. Indeed, Sunfly is possibly the world’s most famous karaoke maker. Of course, this is not our opinion, it is what the majority of people say in the karaoke world.

Obviously, the Sunfly Karaoke song book includes all the Hits Series, Most Wanted and the Packs. Of course this includes, Christmas hits, World Stars, Karaoke Kool and Sunfly Gold Series etc. In fact, the list goes on. With the above song list being 180 pages long, that takes some beating. Indeed, every genre is here and most famous artists too.

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