Super Best Karaoke Song Book

Super Best Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ track lists

Indeed, this is the Super Best Karaoke Song Book


Super Best Karaoke Song Book

We have indeed discussed how these Super Best Karaoke discs are identical to the Encore Audio Karaoke series. So, it may be worthwhile checking both collections. In this case, members may post important information on one series that may affect the other!

Be that as it may, check out the above Super Best Karaoke Song Book. Moreover, if they appeal to you, consider buying some. Obviously if you do buy some of these Super Best discs, let us know by making the odd comment. This, of course, helps the whole karaoke community. In particular, if you know of any other differences between the two series’ above, tell us all.

In general, the Karaoke Shack team have made it clear that we only allow members to review things here. However, on the odd occasion we may make a suggestion. On this occasion, we say choose either the Super Best Karaoke or the Encore Audio Karaoke. This is because they are identical in every way apart from the covers.


Read this Super Best song list page together with their reviews page. On the whole, we have a pretty active blog here with which to comment. However, you may like to join our Karaoke Forum too.

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