Super Trax Karaoke Song Book

Super Trax Karaoke Song Book - Disc Identity - List of Tracks - downloads

Indeed, this is the Super Trax Karaoke Song Book


Super Trax Karaoke Song Book

In the first place, many people would think that this karaoke series would have the name of Super Tracks. However, the series does not have the correct spelling. So, the correct name for this label is Super Trax Karaoke and here is their reviews page.

Obviously, with three pages of karaoke tracks, Super Trax have been hard at work making karaoke for us. Indeed there are karaoke tracks from Frank Sinatra and Bette Midler to Jewel and Pink. In fact, there are also karaoke songs from Santana and even The Searchers. However, we need independent reviewers because the Karaoke Shack team have a non biased policy. In essence, this means we can’t comment. But that shouldn’t stop individuals from reviewing what is on the Super Trax Karaoke Song Book.

So, sign up and leave a comment or two if you have these Super Trax Karaoke discs. Indeed, your opinions really do matter. Read this Super Trax Karaoke song book together with their own disc identity and reviews page.

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