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Indeed, this is the Super Trax Karaoke reviews page

Super Trax Karaoke

To begin with, here is an eleven disc karaoke collection from Super Trax Karaoke. This label is AKA to us as Supertrax Karaoke. That is to say, without a gap in the name.

Also, just to point out, that Super Trax Karaoke does not produce karaoke discs any more. This set was possibly in production around the time when the market was overflowing with karaoke discs.

Super Trax Karaoke SX00010 Disc 10 CD+G
Here are the disc id numbers for the Super Trax Karaoke discs as used in song books used by KJ's
There were plenty of these discs on sale over the internet when we checked. In brief, Amazon and ebay both were selling very cheap discs in this series.
Amazon were selling their single discs for $7.00 US or £4.30 UK. While ebay had a nine disc set for $19.99 US that’s £12.50 UK.

To clarify, here is a full list of Super Trax Karaoke disc ID’s commonly in use by KJ’s.


** No info, so assume no disc release.

Super Trax Karaoke SX00002 - disc 2 Front - DJ & KJ song books and track listings
Super Trax Karaoke SX00008 - Front - CDG
Super Trax Karaoke SX00009 - DISC 9 - CDG

To Sum Up

In the first place, none of the staff here at the Karaoke Shack have ever heard of this karaoke company. However, even if we have some of the discs, it is our policy not to write an opinion on them. With this in mind, we remain unbiased at all times. In other words, we will not have you looking for karaoke discs recommended by us. So, we are relying on input by the members.

So, do you have these Super Trax Karaoke discs, or have any experience with them? If so, then please consider writing a small review or chat about them in the Karaoke Forum. Since we can still buy these discs easily enough, it becomes more apparent that an independent review will help. In other words, by informing us all of the quality of the discs, we can act on this. For example, we can make a sound judgement as to whether we should buy them or not.

As previously noted, we still leave the reviews up to the members. In fact, even if The Karaoke Shack staff buys the odd Super Trax Karaoke discs, we try not to comment. Obviously, leave a few words of your own below. Also, you can use the massive Karaoke Shack Forum for any karaoke matter. Finally, on the review subject, we have a star rating system. So, please help out the karaoke collector – tell us all about the Super Trax Karaoke discs.

Super Trax Karaoke Song Book Also

Although the Super Trax Karaoke discs are not numerous, they do have some big names. For example, there are The Beatles and Pink. So, let’s get a review in soon please. Finally, visitors can use the karaoke song list as they please. However, downloading it gives the Karaoke Shack vital funds to keep online. So, there you go, at least one benefit of joining us! However, even non members visiting us from time to time still helps us out in certain ways.
Super Trax Karaoke SX0005 - Label Disc - DJ & KJ song books and lists

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