Supercore Karaoke Song Book

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Indeed, this is the Supercore Karaoke Song Book


Supercore Karaoke Song Book

It is indeed a surprise to see a relatively unknown karaoke label have over 50 discs. Of course, this 13 page song list shows many famous artists and songs. Obviously, Supercore Karaoke have their own reviews page at the Karaoke Shack. Also, karaoke disc collectors have an interest in the quality of the discs before they buy, too. So, if you have any of these Supercore Karaoke discs, consider writing an article. Indeed, you may do that on the blogs or the massive Karaoke Forum.

Good Selection Of Tracks Also

Although the name Supercore might not be a famous brand in the karaoke world, the karaoke tracks most certainly are. In fact, they have groups from 3 Doors Down to 4 Non Blondes. Then from Tony Bennett to Tom Jones. In other words, they have them all! So, while the karaoke label is rather anonymous, the artists are not. But what is the quality of the discs like? The Karaoke Shack, of course reserves the right to remain unbiased and not comment. However, your feedback will always be welcome. Indeed, it is from independent reviews that others will learn about the karaoke discs. For example, is the music and graphics of good quality?

Supercore karaoke discs are listed here for reference

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