Sybersound Karaoke Song Book

Sybersound Karaoke Song Book AKA Party Tyme on The Shack

Indeed, this is the Sybersound Karaoke Song Book AKA Party Tyme


Sybersound Karaoke Song Book

At 52 pages long, the Sybersound will indeed have something for everyone. Also known as Party Tyme Karaoke, but what are they like? Indeed, you may review the Sybersound on their own dedicated reviews page. In short, the Shack team insist all reviews are independent. Furthermore, this helps the karaoke community in a big way. For example, it will help future karaoke disc collectors in their decisions.

Sybersound Or Party Tyme Karaoke?

In effect, the name matters not. SYB, as a karaoke disc identity code, indeed means Sybersound. However, We have the full song listing for the Subersound or Party Tyme Karaoke right here. Obviously, once these discs are in your karaoke song book, it does not matter to the punter. Indeed, we have yet to come across a KJ who have these in their song books as PT. In otgher words, all those we saw were SYB. Obviously, we all want to know if there is an argument against it!

Help The Karaoke World

Indeed, every time you visit the Karaoke Shack, you are helping us. Obviously, our information website, helps other karaoke fans. So, it is quite clear that you are doing your bit. However, you can do more. For example, you can review the karaoke labels (we can’t as we must remain unbiased). You can also post items on our massive Karaoke Forum. Moreover, you can become a Friend of the Karaoke Shack. All in all, we help all karaoke fans past, present and future. Together with your input, we can help karaoke disc collectors in their buying decisions.

Finally, please enjoy your time at the Karaoke Shack. Indeed, if you have any of the above karaoke tracks, why not sing one for us. Obviously, post it in the Karaoke Showcase to let us hear the quality of the music!

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