Big Fish Karaoke Song Book

Big Fish Karaoke Song Book Firstly, these karaoke discs are Christian karaoke. Therefore, if you are looking for this sort of karaoke, they may be for you. However, we must point out that there are a myriad of Christian karaoke discs from other manufacturers. So, we are relying on feedback … Continue reading

Christian Karaoke Song Book

Christian Karaoke Song Book However, every track comes under ‘Christian’ or ‘Christian With Vocal’. Therefore, the song book is more compact than normal. Read this Christian Karaoke Song Book together with the Christian Karaoke disc ID page. Obviously, should you buy this collection of discs because of the information supplied … Continue reading

Christian Karaoke

Christian Karaoke Series To clarify, we list the disc ID numbers for those in this series: KAR1xxx Series To Sum Up In addition to the information above, KRB Music Companies is wrote on the discs which may help in your search. Song Book Also Now that we have a list … Continue reading