Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book

Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book Firstly, the Jive Bunny Karaoke set is basically a re-brand from the Music Factory Karaoke firm. However, only two karaoke discs are available. Of course, these are only available on the second-hand market. This is because the firm are not making karaoke now. Of course, … Continue reading

Jive Bunny Karaoke Series

Jive Bunny Karaoke Series To clarify, this two disc set has the Jive Bunny karaoke name attached to it. However, they are basically Music Factory Karaoke discs from their Mastermix Series with a new name. Correspondingly, there are 15 tracks on each disc. Of course, we list the disc ID … Continue reading