Starcaster Karaoke Song Book

Starcaster Karaoke Song Book Firstly, we explained on the Starcaster Karaoke reviews page that these discs are Music Maestro dupes. Nevertheless, we list them because they exist. With this in mind, is it worth looking for these karaoke discs for your collection? Obviously, we remain unbiased. However, there may be … Continue reading

Starcaster Karaoke

Starcaster Karaoke (KDS) To begin with, Starcaster Karaoke (KDS) has re-branded some Music Maestro karaoke discs. But, at least provided their own labels. However, the splash screen still says Music Maestro though. All in all, there is 8 discs in this series. Since, these are basically Music Maestro, we can’t … Continue reading