Tip Top Karaoke Song Book

Tip Top Karaoke Song Book - Tip Top CDG - DJ & KJ track lists

Indeed, this is the TipTop Karaoke Song Book


Tip Top Karaoke Song Book

Indeed, you may download this Tip Top Karaoke Song Book too. Obviously, at only four pages, it does show that Tip Top was a small karaoke label. However, that doesn’t mean they were bad. In this case, if you have access to any of these discs, why not tell us. In fact, Tip Top Karaoke has its own review page with disc ID numbers.

So, let us know how they sound. Also, let us know if they look good on the monitor too. In other words, are they good enough to gig with or are they just OK for home use?

Just to point out that we don’t know if they should have the name Tip Top Karaoke or TipTop Karaoke. However, we will use TipTop Karaoke for the most part.

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