TipTop Karaoke

TipTop Karaoke were prefixed at one time with TU but many KJ's are moving to TT as a prefix. They may also be written Tip Top Karaoke.

Indeed, this is the TipTop Karaoke reviews page

The TipTop Karaoke Series

Here is another old collection of karaoke discs from TipTop Entertainment. Nobody at the Karaoke Shack has ever heard these discs so cannot comment on the quality of them. Indeed, this is not even our policy! However, that’s where you step in – see below for more details.

In short, we don’t review so we don’t appear biased. In effect, we leave reviews to the members.

Tiptop Karaoke - laser disc ted201 back - DJ & KJ song books and lists

We had a list of TipTop Karaoke disc id’s sent in but this was from a long time ago. All in all, we are not sure if they have the name TipTop Karaoke or Tip Top Karaoke. Indeed, maybe there is a space or maybe not? More information is necessary to clarity this as well as other issues. This is because we could not find any information about the company on the internet. Nor could we find any of these karaoke discs for sale anywhere.

Here is indeed that list of TipTop Karaoke disc id numbers sent in to us. But, please be aware that some karaoke jockeys (KJ’s) sometimes use different id numbers.

To clarify, the following disc id numbers are from other KJs:


* No information, therefore assume not in existence.

TipTop karaoke TEG6011 Label - Tip Top DJ & KJ song lists and tracks - disc identities
TipTop karaoke TEG6016 Label CDG
TipTop karaoke TEG6020 Label Tip Top CD+G

To Sum Up

Tiptop Karaoke - Male singing cartoon
All karaoke collectors would welcome a little write up about the series so they know what they are buying. As previously noted, the Karaoke Shack staff does not review discs. In effect, we leave this to members. Obviously, if you have any of the discs, why not write your own opinions on them. Hardcore karaoke disc collectors will still try and find these TipTop karaoke discs regardless. However, because we couldn’t find any for sale on the web, it becomes most important to find out more information.

In other words, we need to know if the quality of the discs are worth it. Should any of these TipTop Karaoke discs become available, further information will help us decide whether to buy them

Obviously, please vote for these and other karaoke labels on the Karaoke Shack should you not wish to review them. However, there is also the massive Karaoke Forum where quick posts are welcome as well.

Finally, The Tip Top Karaoke Song Book

As well as the Tip Top Karaoke disc id numbers, we have the track listing too. As ever, if you see any mistakes or see a missing disc, indeed let us know. On the whole, these lists were in use by previous members.  Obviously, many of those we can’t contact now for more information.

So, if you have any scrap of information on the Tip Top Karaoke label, let us know.

Tiptop Karaoke - laser disc ted201 front - DJ & KJ song books and lists - disc identities

Below, you should also see the PDF document link for the song book to accompany this karaoke series. This is also a full track listing for the Tip Top Karaoke label. Visitors and members can also see the song list and use it for cross-referencing etc. However, we have had to introduce a charge to prevent automated bots causing havoc. So, join today and get some extra benefits. In short, click the link below to inspect the TipTop Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, enjoy your stay at the Karaoke Shack.

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