Top Tunes Karaoke Song Book

Top Tunes Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ track lists

Indeed, this is the Top Tunes Karaoke Song Book


Top Tunes Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, it is clear that Top Tunes made a massive amount of karaoke. But, how many people have heard of Top Tunes Karaoke? Indeed, the Karaoke Shack has made the Top Tunes Karaoke Song Book available for download. Obviously, at 98 pages long, this shows how much karaoke came of the production line.

With so many of these Top Tunes Karaoke discs available on places such as ebay, they are easy to buy. With this in mind, why not write a review about them. Obviously, this will help karaoke disc collectors. Top Tunes Karaoke do indeed have their own reviews page here. Just to point out that all your feedback is welcome at any time.

All in all, the main series is a collection of 271 karaoke discs. Moreover, they are in a good numerical order from 1 to 272. But, just why we have no record of disc 245 is a mystery. Nevertheless, if anyone has information about this disc, let us know.

Just to point out that there are many dupes in this collection. Indeed, one look at the Top Tunes Karaoke song book will show this. Be that as it may, choose carefully and you can avoid too many duplicate tracks.

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In effect, just by visiting the Karaoke Shack, you are helping future karaoke disc collectors. However, by reviewing the individual karaoke labels you are doing a better job. Moreover, should you become a contributing donor, then you will be helping to keep the Karaoke Shack online. Indeed, we have been online for years and will be for a lot more to come. But, a little help from our supporters goes a long way to keep the site online.

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On the whole, if you like a good natter about anything, join the Karaoke Forum. Obviously, if you have karaoke news, we all want to know. However, if you have any other things you want to share, we still want to know!

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