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Indeed, this is the Toshiba Karaoke reviews page

The Toshiba Karaoke Series

Firstly, Toshiba is a large Japanese brand name producing all sorts of electronic products for the home. Here, they also managed to dip into the karaoke market. In fact, they released possibly up to thirty karaoke CD discs.

We mention them as being on CD as we suspect that Toshiba had made karaoke on a different format also. Foe example, cassette and laser disc. Indeed, should you have valuable information on Toshiba Karaoke, let us know.

Toshiba Karaoke Disc TOS501 - Label DJ & KJ song books and track lists
Toshiba Karaoke - colourful music notes
All in all, the list we have goes back a few years. Indeed, you will see a few missing discs ID numbers. In this case, we do not know if the missing ones ever came off the production line. Obviously, that’s where you step in. In fact, let us know any snippets of karaoke information.

To clarify, here is the list of Toshiba karaoke disc ID numbers. Moreover, they are commonly in use by KJ’s in their song books:

Toshiba Karaoke Disc TOS511 - Label CDG
Toshiba Karaoke Disc TOS523 - Label CD+G
Toshiba Karaoke Disc TOS525 - Label - disc identification

* Missing – to emphasize, if you know anything about these discs please let us know.

To Sum Up

Toshiba Karaoke - Woman singing portable machine
Toshiba is a famous, reliable brand in electronics but were they good at making karaoke discs? On the whole, future karaoke disc collectors would welcome a small write up as to their quality. Should you use these Toshiba Karaoke set then please consider doing a review. For instance what is the quality of the music like? Also whether the graphics are good enough. Obviously, we are all looking for bargains. Indeed, if these come our way dirt cheap, we will possibly buy them regardless. After all, who would turn their nose up at a karaoke collection for peanuts?

Finally, don’t forget we have a karaoke rating system throughout the Karaoke Shack. Also, you may like to see our home page which has a lot of information attached to it. As you will see, there is much more to the Shack, and we would like you to join in also!

Toshiba Karaoke Song Book Also

In addition to the Toshiba disc ID’s above, it is with pleasure that we present the track listings. Obviously, we can only give the track listings for the list sent in to us. However, if you know of other discs that we can add to this page, let us know. However, we believe that the collection is complete.

Indeed, make a comment or two right here. Alternatively, you may also join the Karaoke Forum at the Shack.

Toshiba Karaoke Disc TOS527 - Label DJ & KJ song books and track lists

Just to point out that visitors can see the Toshiba Song List after clicking the link below. Indeed, we have made the PDF file available for download. In short, click the link below to access the Toshiba Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

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