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Indeed, this is the Turn Up The Music Karaoke reviews page

Turn Up The Music Karaoke

To begin with, this is the DJ’s Choice Karaoke series, otherwise AKA Turn Up The Music Karaoke. They indeed, made a small contribution to the karaoke world with their set of karaoke discs.

The disc label clearly shows DJ’s Choice Karaoke but the disc ID prefix is TUTM. With this in mind, we have listed the whole series as Turn Up The Music Karaoke. It matters not in reality because either name will suffice.

Turn Up The Music Karaoke TUTM1462-2 - Front - Rat Pack - DJ & KJ song books and lists
To clarify things, here is the list of Turn Up The Music Karaoke disc ID numbers that karaoke jockeys use in their song books. However, please be aware that the list is quite old and from an anonymous member. However, if there are any discs missing from this list, let us know.

Turn Up The Music Karaoke TUTM1561-2 - Front Soul CDG
Turn Up The Music Karaoke TUTM1655 - Front - Halloween - CD+G
Turn Up The Music Karaoke TUTM1792-2 - Front CDG

To Sum Up

Turn Up The Music Karaoke - DJ's Choice CDG Graphics
Obviously, it does look like there could be some discs missing from the Turn Up The Music Karaoke disc set. We are however, grateful to a previous member for the supply of this list. But it was the only one we could go on. Obviously, if  you see anything missing from it, please consider sending you own in to us. Obviously, give us a disc ID number and the track listing so we can add them to our lists.

In essence, there does appear to be a high number of discs in this series for the kids market. Of course we are judging this by some of the labels. We did find plenty of these discs up for sale on the web and prices were also really cheap.

In conclusion, is there anything special about these karaoke discs that make them stand out? Also, what is the quality of the music like and are the on-screen lyrics legible? In brief, join us here at the Karaoke Shack. Then give a small write up should you have the physical discs.

Turn Up The Music Song Book Also

In addition to the Turn Up The Music Karaoke discs above we have the track listings too. Indeed, visitors can view the song list and check their discs. Also, you may download the TUTM song book too. With this in mind, it becomes easier to cross-reference your collection.

So, join the Karaoke Shack today. Also, write a comment or two. In fact, go one further and join the Karaoke Forum as well!

Turn Up The Music Karaoke TUTM1655 - Label CDG Disc
In short, click the link below to inspect the Turn Up The Music song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, if you like what we do at the Karaoke Shack, consider making a small donation.

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