UK Karaoke Song Book

UK Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ track list

Indeed, this is the UK Karaoke Song Book


UK Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, the UK Karaoke series does not include only British artists. In fact far from it. So, UK Karaoke is only the name of this karaoke label and nothing more. However, the label does include 15 tracks from British band, The Rolling Stones. Be that as it may, just exactly how do these look and sound?

Obviously, tell us about the audio tracks. Also, inform us about whether the graphics are legible and presentable. Moreover, would you recommend these discs to others who may come across them on the second-hand market?

Indeed, read this UK Karaoke song book in association with it’s own reviews page. This obviously allows easier cross-referencing. Of course, you may comment anywhere on the Karaoke Shack. But please try and keep reviews on the official reviews page.

On the whole, the Karaoke Shack and the staff here don’t usually comment when it comes to karaoke reviews. Indeed, we leave the opinions to the members and visitors to the website. With this in mind, it gives us all independent opinions and thoughts about the individual karaoke labels. So, join today and leave a comment about this UK Karaoke series.

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