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Indeed, the Karaoke Shack lists all known UK Karaoke discs and tracks

The UK Karaoke Series

The UK Karaoke set of discs have some decent karaoke sounds, so our source tells us. However, we are looking for more independent views on this series.

This small collection may be part of the Stellar group which also produced karaoke discs. We have a list of UK Karaoke disc ID numbers, but there appears to be many gaps in the series. We thank those who sent in their karaoke lists to us, but we would like more information about this series.

UK Karaoke Disc UKK3102 - Label - DJ & KJ song books and lists - disc identity
This is because the UK Karaoke Series has escaped our staff at the Shack. So, this is basically where the members have a greater say!

The best karaoke forum just got bigger. Karaoke amplifiers, mixers, speakers and discs are all discussed here. The UK Karaoke discs are also discussed.
In other words, tell us how they perform. For example, is the audio and graphics acceptable? Furthermore, do you recommend them?
Obviously, your views can influence the karaoke disc buyers. Just to point out that UK Karaoke no longer produce any discs. So, you need to look on the internet to grab these discs.

To clarify, here is a list of karaoke disc ID numbers which KJ’s use:

UK Karaoke Disc UKK3103 - Label CDG
UK Karaoke Disc UKK3111 - Label CD+G
UK Karaoke Disc UKK3126 - Label DJ & KJ song books and track lists

To Sum Up

UK Karaoke - Rolling Stones - DJ & KJ song books and track lists
In brief, we have very little information to go on with these discs. Obviously, by looking at the list, this set of discs appears to have many discs missing from the sequence given.

So, do you know anything about the UK Karaoke label? Moreover, if you do, let us know what you think of them. Also, if you should have some of these karaoke discs, please consider making a few comments.

In fact, a full review on the this label from an unbiased member would be ideal. Although the label on these discs suggests they covered British artists only, they didn’t. Obviously, we can see that from the PDF song list below.

In spite of the karaoke label name, The Beatles don’t appear to have any songs on these discs. However, The Rolling Stones have quite a showing on these discs. In a word, not all artists are from the UK. But, then again UK Karaoke is only the label name. As previously noted, not all artists on these discs are British!

Also, please note that the new Karaoke Forum has been open for a while now. In effect, you can open a new thread and discuss anything. You may discuss all karaoke matters including hardware, software and the physical karaoke discs, for example. Also, you can even list your karaoke business for free! So if you sell karaoke gear, especially karaoke discs or do karaoke shows, then you can list here for free.

UK Karaoke Song Book Also

In short, please refer to the PDF below for the full track listing for the UK Karaoke label. Of course, if you feel that the Karaoke Shack has any missing discs, send us details. Then we will correct matters as soon as possible.

Obviously, click the link below to see the PDF song list. Moreover, if you want the PDF, you can download it for your own personal use.

UK Karaoke Disc UKK3901 - Label CDG

View The Song Book

Finally, if you like our aim here at the Karaoke Shack, join us!

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