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Indeed, the Karaoke Shack lists all Ultimate Karaoke discs

The Ultimate Karaoke Series

Firstly, the name Ultimate Karaoke will throw up lots of irrelevant information should you google for this. Hence, we need someone familiar with these discs to inform us much better. We had a list from the old forum, but that was when we only wanted the disc ID numbers. Now, we want more information on this label – as much as possible. However, as of now, all we have to go on are a few disc ID numbers. Moreover, even those look way out of sequence.
Ultimate Karaoke Disc UKA17382 - Label - DJ & KJ song books and track lists
We do however have a song book to accompany the series.

To clarify things, our contact sent in the following list of disc ID’s for the Ultimate Karaoke series:

Ultimate Karaoke Disc UKA17402 - Front CDG
Ultimate Karaoke Disc UKA17412 - Label CD+G
Ultimate Karaoke Disc UKA33872 - Front - DJ & KJ song books and track lists

To Sum Up

Ultimate Karaoke - logo blue and red

Indeed, we cannot say whether there was any of these discs for sale on the internet. This is because the key words ‘ultimate’ and ‘karaoke’ are far too common. Be that as it may, if you have any of these discs, please consider writing a small review about them. We obviously have an interest in their overall quality.

Likewise, if you know where these discs are for sale, tell us. Indeed, there are karaoke disc collectors that may have an interest in purchasing these Ultimate Karaoke discs. However, just like the Karaoke Shack, will find them difficult to come across.

A point often overlooked is that it’s always going to be a problem finding the older discs. Especially those from the karaoke boom years. This will get significantly worse as the years march on. This obviously becomes even more difficult when a set of karaoke discs were rare to start with!

Karaoke Shack and associated forums and blogs just got bigger. All karaoke equipment are open to discussion including amps, mixers and speakers. The Ultimate Karaoke discs are also listed
So, register today and make your opinions known. Once you join, you can also comment anywhere on the blogs. In fact, we encourage this.
We also have the newer karaoke forum (2014), where you can start a thread on literally any topic you choose. However, new registration for the forum is necessary.

Finally, the Ultimate Karaoke Song List

Of course Ultimate Karaoke is the manufacturer and should not have any other interpretation. Indeed, the Karaoke Shack staff remain unbiased in all karaoke ratings. Obviously, we leave the rating system to members and visitors. Furthermore, we now list the Ultimate Karaoke song list as sent in by one of our old members.

In short, click the link below to see the Ultimate Karaoke song list.

Ultimate Karaoke Disc UKA33872 - CD+G Label - Johnny Cash

View The Song Book

Finally, while you are here, why not join our Karaoke Forums. In fact, there you can sing your karaoke songs and post them in the Showcase.

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