Union Square Music Karaoke

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Indeed, this is the Union Square Music karaoke reviews page

Union Square Music Karaoke

Firstly, Union Square Music is the company name. Also, we only know of a three disc set from this company. Indeed, these come under the title ‘Greatest Karaoke Ever’. Moreover, they have the disc ID number GTST029. In brief, this is a three disc party karaoke collection. But the running time for all the tracks is over three hours.

Obviously, the members sent in details and they were all the same. So, this was easy to put together, including the accompanying song book.

To clarify, here are the disc ID numbers from this 3 disc party collection – Greatest Karaoke Ever:


To Sum Up

Up to October 2014 these Union Square Music Karaoke discs were still available on Amazon for £6.99 in the UK. This of course, equates to $11.40 in the USA. So, they are still available new and seem very cheap. In fact, you will get them cheaper on the second-hand stalls. If the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is correct, then the price suggests a disappointment. However, if you know differently, you can help by writing a review.
Union Square Music - Karaoke Series - 3 disc set

Many karaoke collectors would like to know what these karaoke discs play like before they buy them. So, if you have them, please give us your opinion of them. Collectors and also karaoke jockeys need to think carefully before parting cash for something that might just gather dust. Your input will help, so let us know the quality of the music. Indeed, are they good enough to gig with or are they only good for home use?  Also, let us know the state of the on-screen graphics. Your opinion counts, after all, we keep everything independent here at the Karaoke Shack.

Finally, Union Square Music don’t make karaoke any more but they still have a website and they sell music CD’s. Obviously, you will be able to acquire this Greatest Karaoke Ever set there too.

Union Square Music Song Book Also

Although we have some useful information on this page about the Greatest Karaoke Ever set, we need a song book. Indeed, we have that on the next page for to check out.

In short, click the link below to see the track listing for all Union Square Music Karaoke.

Union Square Music - Greatest Rver Karaoke disc one

View The Song Book

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