Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book

Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book - KJ & DJ track lists and disc identity

Indeed, you can download the Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book here


Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book

Just to point out that you may download the above Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book for a small donation. Indeed, what you see is what you get. Although, the donation fee is tiny, it does help us keep the site updated. In fact, we need quite a bit to maintain the websites but this is our hobby. We have indeed had to impose the donation fee as a means of keeping the automatic bots from causing grief. So by donating, you help with the running costs at the Karaoke Shack and prevent the bots from causing harm.

Obviously as we can see, the Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book has many tracks. In fact, from ABBA to Aqua and Van Halen to The Verve. Moreover, for a full list of the disc ID’s check out the Xtreme Karaoke page.

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Karaoke is our name and karaoke is also our game. However, all the staff here at the Karaoke Shack are in retirement from the karaoke scene. However, we love karaoke and always will. Indeed, you can discuss the Xtreme Karaoke anywhere on the Karaoke Shack. We have the blog here also the massive Karaoke Forum in which to discuss all karaoke. So, join us and become a Karaoke Shacker! Obviously, this will be Shacktastic!


To sum up, if you need the Xtreme Professional Karaoke Song Book, consider donating to the Karaoke Shack. Indeed, we are only here to help people in the karaoke world. In fact, we love helping the new generation of karaoke people to enter our domain. Because of this, we need to keep the site running somehow. So, some things demand a site donation.

If you are after more song lists, we can personalise them especially for you.

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