Zoom Karaoke Song Book

Zoom Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ track lists and disc identities

Indeed, this is the Zoom Karaoke Song Book


### Also updated August 2018

Zoom Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, the Zoom Karaoke series is big. So much so, it has three pages of discs. Indeed, this Zoom Karaoke Song Book is over 90 pages long too. Not only that but the quality of the Zoom Karaoke tracks is excellent. Moreover, they are making the Karaoke Shack team wonder which is actually best, Sunfly or Zoom!

Our team here are in retirement from the karaoke scene but we all have Sunfly discs in our system. However, we would certainly choose Zoom Karaoke if we were to start over again. This is because we believe the audio is some of the best and most pleasurable you will ever hear. Also, the on-screen graphics has excellent timing.

All things considered, you simply can’t go wrong with Zoom Karaoke. So, pop over to their extremely good website and buy some today. We guarantee you will get a surprise. For one thing, their website is easy to navigate. Their search machine is also good. Above all, you can buy direct from them. Moreover, you can listen to a sample of the karaoke songs before you buy them.

Sunfly v Zoom

Just to point out that we still love Sunfly and always will! However, there are some differences. For example, Sunfly songs will fade out on far too many occasions. On the other hand, Zoom Karaoke tracks have a definite ending. In other words, even if the original song fades out, Zoom karaoke tracks have a much better end. Also, we believe that some early Sunfly’s had the odd timing problem. Although we are aware that there is the odd niggle here on Zoom, they have far less problems with timing.

On the whole however, we firmly believe that a system with a good combination of Sunfly and Zoom will suffice. In conclusion, Zoom Karaoke is magnificent.

Finally, we encourage all members to give their honest opinions about all karaoke labels including this Zoom Karaoke collection. So, register with us and state your opinions today. Also, check out the massive karaoke directory and rate your other favourite karaoke manufacturers too.

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